elephant vs rhino who will win

Wild rouge males have been known to kill rhino’s. Quote More History; Done. crocodile vs rhino, who will win? Round 2: 1 African Elephant Bull vs. 3 Black Rhino Bull. Who do you think would win? Gorilla . 1 0. And it could always use it's speed to outrun the elephant. Elephant vs Rhino Real Fight - Did the elephant win or the rhino. Gaia represented by an elephant and a rhino vs. Pagan Min represented by his slobbering retard henchmen. Lion vs Tiger. The elephant is the largest and the strongest land animal on the planet. An elephant will most likely win although their skin is 3x less thick. But I’d like to see a fight between Triceratops and the mammoth-sized ice age rhino Elasmotherium. For a second, the rhino seems to forget this and charges toward the elephant. Rhino vs elephant real fight in wildlife. Team B . Who would win out of rhino vs. hippo vs. elephant? Round 3: 1 of each, but they're being telepathically controlled by a human saddled on the back - the humans aren't used to their new mounts. In a 2001 study there were a reported 63 rhino … Elephant vs Rhino Animal Face-Off. The Rhino has inadequate space to sprint and hammer the Hippo, his choice is to wipe his paws. Otherwise elephant stomps 16 thoughts on “ Compare African Bush Elephant vs White Rhinoceros ” Sydney Russel October 3, 2015. Elephant. The Elephant and the Bear eventually meet to fight. rhino would win. The outcome would then depend on the sizes of the combatants. They weigh over 5000 pounds, are 13 feet long, 6 feet tall and can achieve speeds of 31mph. The elephant won’t be able to recover from a direct hit and probably collapse. 2 African elephant vs. White rhinoceros African Plains The rhino charges at the elephant, but the elephant avoids the attack. Relevance. “There is an island on the middle of the Chobe River to which this elephant had crossed. Readers will learn … Who will win a a fight between rhino and hippo on land? However, if they are standing nearby and Rhino doesn’t have a chance to speed up, elephant will crush it after a fierce battle of the horns. It was with these studies that they discovered that young male elephants were raping and killing rhinos. The elephant knows this and tosses the stick. 5 Answers. Rhino vs Bear. I will have to put my money on the African Elephant by 2nd Round KO over the Hippo. The rhino could win if it stabs the elephant's leg/knee, causing the elephant to fall and die. so the rhino would win. Both animals are highly terrestrial, but hippos are more aggressive than rhino. Accessibility Help. Answer Save. #lionanimal #wildanimals #animalloverscolombia #animalslover #animalfights. rhino's hor is twice as big and rhinos are more aggressive. Press alt + / to open this menu. Rhino vs Rhino fight to death. It was first identified in an increase in aggressive acts towards human, and studies were undertaken to try and identify the cause of the behavior. Biggest Animals. Elephant vs Rhino Real Fight - Did the elephant win or the rhino… Though hippo doesn’t have a horn, they do have a big tusk which they use to defend. Hippo tusks are, however, made of rhino keratin, heavier than ivory. Triceratops is still bigger, heavier (30 feet long, and we’ll say 18,000 pounds), and better armored, and is armed with not only three horns, but a heavy tail and a powerful bite. Lol rhino's gonna win, and people are gonna get into huge arguments. A mature bull elephant could beat any rhinoceros or hippopotamus! Anaconda. Favourite answer. Elepehant. Tim D. Lv 7. So, it worthy to watch the fight between Grizzly Bear vs Siberian Tiger. 0 0. this question is for plain curiosity who will win? Weighing up to 15,000 pounds, African elephants are about three times the size of rhinos! Sign Up. Who will tear the other one apart? Bear vs Elephant: It is Battle Time! Bear. F. Lv 6. Hawk. ... Biggest Wild Animal Fights - Rhino vs elephant Lion, tiger crocodile - Fighting Animals. Jul 9, 2014 - Inspired by the gorrila vs bear thread So blades who would win in a fight to the death a White Rhino or an African Elephant? An adult bull elephant is on average 3.2 metres (10.8 ft) tall and weighs approximately 6 tonnes (12,228 pounds). That’s no welcoming smile, but a hippopotamus leaving absolutely no doubt that an African elephant is an unwanted visitor to its home turf. Team A. Hippo and rhino could win high diff. But IRL, elephant would crush a rhino so bad, it would de-evolve back into the original species that horses and rhinoceroses diverged from. The rhino tries to reach the elephant's throat, but it is too high. Answer Save. I saw a show, where the elephant beats the rhino, but I am not sure about the hippo vs. the elephant. 9 Answers. After a single drink, enough to get the pair sufficiently drunk, the conversation of course turned to the age old debate: who would win in a battle, elephant or rhino. Hippo's teeth can measure 50 cm. Hence Hippo may win the fight! C'mon now, its a goddamn elephant.. =\ Rhino. Lion. Anonymous. Save changes Preview Cancel. 0 0. The Elephant is huge, with an African bush Elephant weighing 6000 kg. The male white rhino seems small in comparison with an average height of … Bobby. Report. They have a prehensile elongation of their upper nose and lip known as the trunk. They are imposing animals that have great size, speed, armor and a fierce horn that can absolutely wreck most foe. White Rhino … ventrue, Oct 12, 2013 #5. Anonymous. By Brian Handwerk Back off, buddy! The largest rhino species is the white rhino. Loading editor. the rhino would send the lion flying into the air, and fall down. African Bush Elephant vs White Rhino: The African bush elephant is the most abundant species, found in sub-Saharan Africa. 0 Kudos Ricsi-viragosi. The primary disadvantage of a rhino is that it has poor eyesight, whereas the sight of a hippo is good. Also read tiger vs elephant full fight comparison. 0 0 1 ... Lions vs African Buffalo 60% Lion would Win !! Take a look at the ones from Nepal, such as the monster Raja Gaj which reportedly stand 11ft to the shoulder and weighs 7 tones. What if a rhino and a hippo had a fight? Elephant: Giants Face Off. Hawk vs Eagle. 3 years ago. The rhino is faster and does have armor. Sure, no contest on dry land. But here I am considering White Rhino, the third biggest land mammal after the African Elephant, vs the common Hippo found in African parks like that in Kenya. That is hard to tell. Elephant are much bigger and heavier. A confrontation is only likely, however, if a rhino comes to the water's edge for a drink and is attacked by a crocodile. The rhino hears it, gets scared and turns to acknowledge the new threat. The rhino is slightly heavier but the hippo is longer. Eventually the elephants back off and the rhinos win the day. An adult bull elephant is on average 3.2 metres (10.8 ft) tall and weighs approximately 6 tonnes (12,228 pounds). Rhino vs elephant started in a delicious ‘buy per slice’ pizza stop in no other city than New York City. Eagle. Elephant vs Rhino Animal Face-Off. Zookeeper Gabe Animal Feces … Playing next. Since the rhino has poor eyesight and is already locked on the primary elephant threat and can't find the other threat (since it's a stick) it begins to back down. Usually I would have had to fight them off, but in ... Rhino vs Elephant Real Duel Animal [DOCUMENTARY] Brutal Fight of Elephant vs Rhino. Elephant vs Rhino. A Rhino is basically a tank on four legs. 8 years ago. The elephant takes this moment to trumpet and puff himself up. Elephant are much bigger and heavier. 8:41. They don't have an advantage in size but they do have an advantage in mobility. Go further compare African Bush Elephant vs. White Rhino fight, who will win? Rhino will win. Sections of this page. Then, the elephant stabs the rhino twice (breaking a tusk in the process), topples it … Relevance. This nonfiction reader compares and contrasts two ferocious animals. The ears of African elephants are large while the Asian elephants have small rounded ears. Tiger. Is this an alternative to rock/paper/scissors? Even with its thick skin and a long front horn averaging 35 inches, it’s no match for a massive elephant. Round 1: 1 African Elephant Bull vs. 1 Black Rhino Bull. I'll say the rhino will win in a slight advantage. Jump to. I think the Asiatic Elephant would win, though smaller than the African, they still can be twice the size of a Rhino. Hippo vs Rhino fight comparison- who will win? fox vs racoon tiger vs lion sqiurel vs rabit rat vs hamster black bear vs polar bear cheeta vs wolf german shepard vs rottweiler viper vs black mamba rhino vs elephant honey badger vs mongoose bouns question:if you went to war with another country which of these animals would you take with you and why pick 1 from each vs 17:40, March 21, 2018. Crorodile. Rhino vs Lion - Who Is The win the fight? 3 years ago. Who Would Win Rhino vs. Hippo? This fight is easily a 50% for a rhino and 50% for a hippo. I am leaning towards a victory of speed, Rhino would kill an elephant if they fight in an open land. A bull rhino would win against a hippo, the hippos bite would not injure the rhino compeared to what the rhinos horn could damage the hippo, a hippo can't bite a crocodile in half.. 16:51. Facebook. Rhino I suppose. Email or Phone: Password: Forgot account? Best Answers. African Elephant: This is obvious, an elephant is over 3 times bigger than a hippo, they can weigh 15,000lbs, which makes them the strongest and largest herbivores as well as the largest land animal. 3 years ago. The crocodile will get puncture wounds on it's underside that's it. if they approach the situation more tactically. 3 years ago. Hippo vs. Mar 27, 2018 - Know comparison, difference and similarity between African Bush Elephant vs. White Rhinoceros. The male white rhino seems small in comparison with an average height of … Hippo vs Rhino fight comparison- who will win? Browse more videos. A Nepal Elephant is too much for any rhino IMO, and is a worth opponent for a African Elephant. Hippos are far less aggressive than a Rhinoceros, but they are easily agitated in contrast with the Rhino.

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