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All Rights Reserved. Thus in the case of saxicolous lichens the mineralogical character of the rock has of itself little or no influence upon lichen growth, which is influenced more especially and directly by their physical properties, such as their capacity for retaining heat and moisture. This variety of soils, a considerable range of moderate altitudes and favourable factors of heat and moisture promote a rich diversity in agriculture. It absorbs moisture and carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. For winter use the tops of the most useful kinds of herbs should be cut when in flower or full leaf and quite dry, and spread out in an airy but shady place so as to part slowly with the moisture they contain and at the same time retain their aromatic properties. The Values Deduced In This Manner For The Equivalent Agreed As Closely As Could Be Expected Considering The Impossibility Of Regulating The External Condition Of Temperature And Moisture With Any Certainty In An Engine Room. Soaking the fibre with glycerine, so that the moisture it absorbs does not change so much with the hygrometric state of the air, is of some advantage, but does not entirely remove the difficulty. He reduced all the specimens submitted for test to a standard of moisture, the percentage selected being i 5%. He thought that the source of all things was moisture and is by Aristotle coupled with Thales (Metaphysics, A 3). moisture definition: 1. a liquid such as water in the form of very small drops, either in the air, in a substance, or on…. He considers the outbreaks are favoured by the seasonal heat and moisture of the spring and early summer, and the movement from place to place of infected rats or persons. Resistance to Moisture The plaster will deteriorate if applied onto damp backgrounds or if used unprotected in damp environments. The gas refrigerator, for example, was found to release 1.3 litres of moisture per day. The Arctic, Hudsonian and Canadian enter the United States from the north and the Tropical from the south; but the greater part of the United States is occupied by the Transition, Upper Austral and Lower Austral, and each of these is divided into eastern and western subzones by differences in the amount of moisture. For example, salami and cooked beef have similar total moisture (approximately 60%). Trace moisture in solids must be controlled for plastics, pharmaceuticals and heat treatment processes. Carpenters know the importance of moisture content as it relates to wood. The cable is then placed in an oven, and, after all moisture has been driven off, it is passed through a lead press whence it emerges protected by a continuous lead pipe. stingy portion there is very little moisture from the fillings either. The boreal is cold, the austral warm, and the tropical affords conditions of heat and moisture to which the vegetation of the others would be intolerant. The moisture in soil is derived from two sources--the rain and the ground-water. The most efficient means, however, of improving strong, ill-tasting tobacco is by renewed fermentation artificially induced by moisture and heat. The finer the particles the greater their surface tension and the more their moisture retention levels and vise versa. most woods in durability, and none stand better alternate exposure to drought and moisture, while under cover it is nearly indestructible as long as dry-rot is prevented by free admission of air. In the region of Galveston, along the northern section of the coast, where southerly or south-easterly winds from the Gulf prevail throughout the year, the climate is warm, moist and equable, but the moisture decreases westward and south-westward, and the equability, partly because of northerly winds during the winter months, decreases in all directions inland. If using a foil underlay on concrete there is no need to lay a plastic film moisture barrier first. They do not represent the opinions of YourDictionary.com. - is found in the eastern part of the Northern province, and these heights attract moisture and nourish permanent streams flowing Nilewards. In the north it is due to the fact that the winds from the Pacific lose most of their moisture, especially in winter, on the western slopes of the Sierra Nevada; in the south it is due to the fact that the region lies in a zone of calms, and light, variable winds. Does Dehydrated Fruit Have Less Nutritional Value Than Fresh Fruit. Trapped moisture on the floor covering is a breeding ground for micro-organisms. The vegetation of Africa follows very closely the distribution of heat and moisture. A pupil of Nessus, or, as some accounts prefer, of Democritus himself, he was a complete sceptic. On the lower slopes of the mountains a rank vegetation exists, which, from the conditions mentioned, is constantly saturated with moisture. Endospore formation, the conditions for which are as follows: (1) suitable temperature, (2) presence of air, (3) presence of moisture, (4) young and vigorous cells, (5) a food supply in the case of one species at least is necessary, and is in no case prejudicial. Hence most blowpipes are now made with a cavity for retaining the moisture. Remove any damaged tubers; store good ones in thick paper sacks closed at the neck to conserve moisture. It lies in the north-east trade winds belt, but the mountain chain on its northern frontier robs these winds of their moisture and leaves the greater part of the Brazilian plateau rainless. Conversely, excess moisture may cause food material to agglomerate or become trapped in the piping systems during production. On the plains where grasses cannot find sufficient moisture their place is taken by " bush," composed mainly of stunted mimosas, acacias, euphorbia, wild pomegranate, bitter aloes and herbaceous plants. This dualism, where the one constituent (alga) furnishes carbohydrates, and the other (fungus) ensures a supply of mineral matters, shade and moisture, has been termed symbiosis. If care be exercised in the process of rendering animal oils and fats or expressing oils in the cold, the products are, as a rule, sufficiently pure to be delivered to the consumer, after a preliminary settling has allowed any mucilaginous matter, such as animal or vegetable fibres or other impurities, and also traces of moisture, to separate out. The soil moisture sensor measures the vacuum created by the soil moisture sensor measures the vacuum created by the soil by the lack of moisture. It was situated in such a way that it collected all the moisture from the hills and appeared to be planted in alfalfa. Passing to the westward, and viewing the flora of Kumaon, which province holds a central position on the chain, on the 80th meridian, we find that the gradual decrease of moisture and increase of high summer heat are accompanied by a marked change of the vegetation. The sun dries the moisture on the ground. The atmosphere over North America receives moisture evaporated from many different water sources. Exudations and Rotting.The outward symptoms of many diseases consist in excessive discharges of moisture, often accompanied by bursting of over-turgid cells, and eventually by putrefactive changes. Whereas both the mountains and valleys of the Astintagh and of the Akato-tagh (the next large range to the Astin-tagh on the south) are arid and desolate in the extreme, smitten as it were with the desiccating breath of the desert, those of the Arka-tagh and beyond are supersaturated with moisture, so that, at any rate in summer, the surface is in many parts little better than a quaking quagmire. The first is an arid desert absolutely barren along part of the coast, between Tacna and Copiapo, but with a coarse scanty vegetation near the Cordilleras along watercourses and on the slopes where moisture from the melting snows above percolates through the sand. Your skin's moisture content varies according to weather conditions. Moisture is not often thought of in terms of occupant health and safety. G4 Pond Sealer A moisture curing single part polyurethane varnish ideal for sealing damp porous surfaces prior to using release agent. The water content in the soil can be measured with probes that attach to hand-held computers. Udderly Smooth hand and body lotion with vitamin E and aloe vera helps restore softness and moistureto dry, chapped skin. water-repellent coat is often applied to give protection against moisture. The results of many analyses show that the capacity of soils for moisture increases with the amount of organic substances present; decomposition appears to be most active when the moisture is about 4%, but can continue when it is as low as 2%, while it appears to be retarded by any excess over 4%. But within these there is the greatest local diversity of moisture, elevation and isolation. In the older valleys on the islands of Kauai, Oahu and Maui, as well as on the lowland plain of Molokai, the soil is deeper and usually, too, the moisture is retained by a heavy clay. 5. The windward slopes of the Sierra Madre Oriental receive the greater part of the rainfall, and the winds, deprived of their moisture, pass over the northern plateau without further precipitation. For example, because different materials have different densities and moisture-retaining properties, many inexpensive meters produce only a measurement code number that users must match to the specific gravity of the material. From July to November the clouds hang low on the mountains, and give moisture to the upper zone, while the climate of the lower is dry. A long profile from the divide to the stream is taken to see how soil moisture changes downslope. humidity of the air is the ratio of the actual amount of moisture in the air to the saturated amount. Its semi-arid character is due to the mountain ranges on its northern frontier, which extract the moisture from the north-east trades and leave the Brazilian plateau behind them with a very limited rainfall, except near the Atlantic coast. The carbon compounds of the latter are of no direct nutritive value to the succeeding crop, but the decaying vegetable tissues very greatly assist in retaining moisture in light sandy soils, and in clay soils also have a beneficial effect in rendering them more open and allowing of better drainage of superfluous water and good circulation of fresh air within them. They dripped streams of water as soon as the sun began its business, the remaining moisture forming dragon-teeth icicles as soon as the cold air touched the droplets. We can imagine though perhaps only vaguely, the way in which light, temperature, moisture, contact, &c., can affect it. Provides a fully waterproof secondary barrier to moisture penetration. Landolt was disposed to attribute these losses in weight to the containing vessel, which was of glass or quartz, not being absolutely impervious, but in 1908 he showed that, by making allowance for the moisture adsorbed on the vessel, the errors were both positive and negative, and were less than one in ten million. Above the level of the ground-water the soil is kept moist by capillary attraction and by evaporation of the water below, by rainfall, and by movements of the ground-water; on the other hand, the upper layers are constantly losing moisture by evaporation from the surface and through vegetation. If too closely packed, the soil particles present mechanical obstacles to growth; if too retentive of moisture, the root-hairs suffer, as already hinted; if too open or over-drained, the plant succumbs to drought. Missouri has a continental climate, with wide range of moisture and temperature. moisture absorption which inhibits gluten formation. This coat has a special surface that repels moisture. use an earmould puffer to blow dry air through the tubing to remove any moisture droplets. Moisture is the presence of a liquid, especially water, often in trace amounts. Sadolin offers long redecoration cycles, excellent moisture vapor permeability, high quality pigments, with quick and easy application. The vapour-laden sea air blowing landward against the girdle of snow and glaciers on the mountain barriers a few miles inland drains its moisture in excessive rain and snow upon the lisiere, shrouding it in well-nigh unbroken fog and cloud-bank. As the winds from the ocean are deprived of their moisture on reaching the Coast and Cascade ranges, the amount of annual precipitation, which in the coast counties varies from 75 to 138 in., constantly diminishes toward the E. The climate is hot, and in the low-lying, swampy districts very unhealthy; the prevailing winds are north-west and south-east, the former hot and dry from the arid districts west of Mesopotamia, the latter bearing much moisture from the Persian Gulf and the Indian Ocean. The Sirocco is a cyclonic wind characteristic of the winter rainy season; in the Adriatic it is usually accompanied by cloud and moisture, often by rain. They require the same culture as the more familiar garden varieties; but, as some of them are apt to suffer from excess of moisture, it is advisable to plant them in prepared soil in a raised pit, where they are brought nearer to the eye, and where they can be sheltered when necessary by glazed sashes, which, however, should not be closed except when the plants are at rest, or during inclement weather in order to protect the blossoms, especially in the case of winter flowering species. We may consider that, in country districts, constant soil moisture is one of the chief factors; while in the case of urban outbreaks mere soil moisture is subsidiary to other more potent causes. Full of constructional details with quality line drawings and photographs, it tackles the problems associated with moisture head-on. Indirect lateral ventilation prevents formation of condensed moisture inside the goggles. This is useful when constructing wood products that need to be curved, such as guitars. Hevea brasiliensis as a rule flourishes to the greatest extent at low altitudes on rich soil capable of retaining moisture. potted into bark and needed a little more moisture retention. ASTM has designeated it with a Standard, ASTM D-2216-90 which can be found in “ASTM Standards vol. When, as may happen in dry seasons, the puddle wall remains long above the water level, it parts with moisture and contracts. They are soothing and they also contain tannins, which extract moisture from skin cells and speed healing. A drying agent, e.g., silicone gel can be placed on the shelves to absorb moisture in the air. moisture wicking capabilities, making it an ideal fabric for outdoor use. The paper, with the specimen upwards, is then laid on bibulous paper for a few minutes to absorb as much as possible of the superfluous moisture. Care must be taken that the roots always have a sufficient supply of moisture and that the soil is moist wherever the roots run. An example of a homogeneous mixture would be something like lemonade. Once mixed, you can’t easily separate the lemon juice from the water; it's uniformly mixed. Gasoline - a mixture of light hydrocarbons and performance additives. Certain districts, indeed, in which a layer of heavy loam underlies the porous and friable surface, are able to retain the moisture which elsewhere is absorbed. Wear special spectacles which keep in moisture and so reduce dryness of the eyes. For this reason proposals have been made to plant in the place of weeds low-growing leguminous plants, the growth of which will not only prevent impoverishment and loss of soil during the rains and conserve moisture in the heat, but will also have the effect of enriching the soil in nitrogenous constituents through the power leguminous plants possess of absorbing nitrogen from the air through nodules on their roots. In specific locations of the construction in-situ measurements are measured of the wood moisture by using resistance moisture meters. One of the most effective means of conserving soil moisture is by " mulching," i.e. The LOD method is the most widely used way of doing moisture analysis. A mulch of half-decayed stable litter is useful to prevent loss of moisture in summer. When the wind rises above the snow-capped Andes, the last particle of moisture is wrung from it that a very low temperature can extract. Drying off - The removal of excess moisture from foods during cooking. Surface soil moisture is the water that is in the The intervening sea being comparatively warm, this wind arrives at Japan having its temperature increased and carrying moisture which it deposits as snow on the western faces of the Japanese mountains. formulated to gently cleanse the hair and scalp without stripping the hair of its natural moisture. Shallow planting, whether of wall trees or standards, is generally to be preferred, a covering of a few inches of soil being sufficient for the roots, but a surface of at least equal size to, the surface of the hole should be covered with dung or litter so as to restrain evaporation and preserve moisture. Learn more. She squeezed the moisture from the dishrag and hung it on the faucet and then dried her hands on the towel. On land, Dri-Lite is constructed from two different deniers to enhance directional moisture wicking, keeping you dry and comfortable. Into this I mix vermiculite to help with moisture retention. The best soil for cotton is thus a deep, welldrained loam, able to afford a uniform supply of moisture during the growing period. Her gaze blurred, and hot moisture burned down her cheeks. The effect of mountain-chains on prevailing winds is to carry warm air belonging to the lower region into an upper zone, where it expands in volume at the cost of a proportionate loss of heat, often accompanied by the precipitation of moisture in the form of snow or rain. cirrus clouds which precede low pressure systems bearing moisture. Effects of Moisture Flow on Occupants. Generally, however, soil moisture is the water that is held in the spaces between soil particles. Using such wood can cause bowing, buckling, and even the formation of large cracks once the moisture begins to evaporate. In a few hollows which are reached by moisture the trees of the desert find support, the algarrobo (Prosopis horrida), a low tree of very scraggy growth, the vichaya (Capparis crotonoides), and the zapote del perro (Colicodendrum scabridum), mere shrubs. In any case the association of Poseidon, representing the fertilizing element of moisture, with Demeter, who causes the plants and seeds to grow, is quite natural, and seems to have been widespread. His eyes sparkled with moisture which seemed to mock the frail dryness of his skin. droplets of moisture on occasions - surely a recipe for spurious images? Permeability is practically identical with the speed at which percolation takes place; through clay it is slow, but increases in rapidity through marls, loams, limestones, chalks, coarse gravels and fine sands, reaching a maximum in soil saturated with moisture. It is a matter of experience that cotton yarns which when spun contain only a small percentage of moisture will absorb up to about 8% when they are exposed to what may be rather vaguely described as natural conditions. The higher ranges intercept considerable moisture from the prevailing trade winds, and their flanks and valleys are covered with forest, but the plateaus are either thinly wooded or open campo. Yet indoor air quality professionals consider moisture to be a “pollutant” that can have a significant impact on the occupants’ health. Merino can also wick, absorb and evaporate moisture both in its liquid and vaporous state. 3. But research showed that this process of nitrification is dependent on temperature, aeration and moisture, as is life, and that while nitre-beds can infect one another, the process is stopped by sterilization. A more serious objection to the use of lagging of this kind is the danger of its absorbing moisture. For example, the amount of moisture in soil directly influences the types of organisms that can live in it. Small amounts of water may be found, for example, in the air (humidity), in foods, and in some commercial products. The contents of the barn are therefore left till moist weather occurs, and then by the admission of atmospheric air the leaf blades absorb moisture and become soft and pliant. It reacts with moisture to form hydrogen fluoride, a highly corrosive acid. The straw mulch will also conserve moisture in the soil for the vine roots. The character of the vegetation varies with and depends on moisture, temperature and soil. The least trace of damp in the lagging, or of moisture condensed on the surface of the calorimeter, may produce serious loss of heat by evaporation. It is a non-volatile and almost infusible white powder, which slowly absorbs moisture and carbon dioxide from air, and is readily soluble in dilute acids. For the growth of pot plants sand is an essential part of most composts, in order to give them the needful porosity to carry off all excess of moisture from the roots. See examples of Moisture in English. Iron, when exposed to moisture and air, "rusts"; but this process never takes place in the absence of air, and it is questionable whether it ever sets in in the absence of carbonic acid (see Rust). In western Washington, where the ocean greatly influences the temperature and the mountains condense the moisture of vapour-bearing winds, the climate is equable and moist. the power of resisting the disintegrating effects of atmospheric moisture and carbonic acid, depends largely upon the quantity of alkalis contained in the glass and their proportion to the lead, lime or barium present, the stability being generally less the higher the proportion of alkali. ingress of dust or moisture which could cause wear. The disappearance of what still remains of them is accelerated not only by the general decrease of moisture, but also perhaps by the gradual upheaval of N. It v e mires very little moisture, grows luxuriantly on the thin calcareous soil of Yucatan and is cultivated almost exclusively by the large landowners. north of Santa Plena, there is an abundance of moisture and vegetation is luxuriant; 33 m. The rainy season, or invierno, is broken by a short period of dry weather, called the veranillo (little summer), shortly after the December solstice; otherwise it rains every day, the streams overflow, land traffic is suspended, and the air is drenched with moisture and becomes oppressive and pestiferous. minty moisture milk or bliss lemon+sage body butter. Learn about a little known plugin that tells you if you're getting the best price on Amazon. 8. Moisture determinations need to be carried out reliably and at speed so that any interventions in the production process can be made quickly to avoid interruptions. Moisture analyzers, sometimes called “moisture balances”, are used to measure the moisture content in various types of samples including solids, liquids, and gases. Here the snow lies late and moisture is abundant - but on the southern sun-scorched cliffs but little vegetation is to be seen. silica gel crystals to absorb the moisture. English examples for "moisture" - Animals therefore get the moisture they need directly from their food. Additionally, moisture sorption can lead to particle agglomeration and powder caking. Any moisture retained by the fiber cement sheeting is then able to dry out naturally. The warm currents setting landwards from the Indian Ocean bring both moisture and heat, so that the Swahili coast has a higher temperature and heavier rainfall than the Atlantic seaboard under the same parallels of latitude. different disciplines. The moisture from the clay, percolating through the mass of sugar, washes away the adhering molasses and leaves the crystals comparatively free and clear. deep, clearly prove the main facts as to lake Bonneville: a dry basin was first occupied by the shallow waters of a small lake; then, during a long period of excessive moisture (or cold), the waters rose and spread over an area nearly as large as lake Huron with a maximum depth of 1000 ft.; a period of great dryness followed, in which the lake disappeared; then came a second, shorter, but more intense period of moisture, and in this time the lake rose, covered a larger area than before, including W. When grown in Great Britain Cryptomeria requires a deep, well-drained soil with plenty of moisture, and protection from cold winds. The Famine Commission of 1878 urged the importance of forest conservancy as a safeguard to agriculture, pointing out that a supply of wood for fuel was necessary if cattle manure was to be used to any extent for the fields, and also that forest growth served to retain the moisture in the subsoil. Another disadvantage of uncovered soil in a plantation of young rubber trees is that the ground under the heat of a tropical sun rapidly loses its moisture. This is a laboratory procedure to determine the amount of water Ww present in a quantity of soil in terms of its In the types of cable that were first used, the wires, usually with a cotton insulation, were drawn into lead tubes, and the tubes filled with paraffin or other similar compound, which kept the wires from the injurious effects of any moisture which might penetrate the lead tube. The prevailing winds are the south-east trades, which have lost some of their moisture in rising from the coastal plain. are approached by corridors, so as to exclude external air, which if allowed to enter would deposit moisture upon the cold goods.

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