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I think it was made in 1976 and has a built in rotisserie which stils works. This section relates to the self cleaning ranges of 1964-1965. Gallon jug of ZEP Industrial strength PURPLE DeGREASER!!! I just leave my upper vent cover open as I use my front burners 99.99999&4/10’s of the time. We fine tuned the oven temp for her (she bakes incessantly), and is happy except it doesn’t have an upper oven. You’ll have to trace out the wiring to find the relay. The top Trim piece removes with 2 screws. And when This Odd House was operated as a duplex, the metering of power could be exactly assigned to the kitchen upstairs or the kitchen downstairs (the gas, interestingly, was shared– with the single thermostat residing upstairs). The new oven/microwave/convection of today … are re-marketed microwaves plain and simple. Still, I’m impressed that an expense was made to support that stove in the basement. Dishwasher is a 1978 model year GE with the Woodgrain on the control panel, and matching yellow front panel (The americana is Yellow.) Open the lower oven then look for the plate in the UPPER RIGHT HAND CORNER. I had a problem with my upper oven not working and it turned out I had a connector hanging on by 1 or 2 strands of the wire. 7.) I can imagine the perfect logic of it. There’s no stove there anymore, so it’s just completely unused. Make sure the timer hours on the ON and OFF clocks are set differently, otheriwse it won’t work, even in OVEN or BROIL. I thought it was neat in 1959 when I was 4years old. Continuation from 23 July: Generally speaking, this means the oven uses high heat to incinerate food soils, thus cleaning the oven.When GE Appliances introduced its model P7 self-cleaning electric oven in 1963, the drudgery of manually cleaning a dirty oven was … Could you please possibly email me an attachment of the owners manual? Hold the wires forward to make sure the wires do not fall back through the rear of the oven. Learn how to replace the oven bake element on your GE Appliances Electric Range.More tips can be found on Everything works…I just had to read the manual! Ours is a J767001HT in Yellow from 1969-70. I’ve always preferred gas stoves for cooking, but I recognize that electric ranges have their place. This takes a 5.16″ nut driver or ratchet and socket. I really wished I had not donated that stove……I would love to have another one in black, yellow or other colors. Mine looks identical to this except it’s white. My mom owns this stove too, but it’s beginning to stop working. The wall plug “SHOULD” be right there on the wall.‎ It’ll fuse the penny to the contacts and will quite possibly burn down the house. Make damned sure there is a dripping catch pan underneath able to catch ALL DRIPPINGS!!! We’ve already had a need to use both ovens simultaneously. Insulate the probes on your meter all the way to the tip to minimize any “AW SHiT” moments when the probe slips…..and it invariably will .) Any suggestions? It’s extra protection but not required. Thanks! The oven itself measures 26 inches wide by 27 inches long. I discovered your in depth discussion of the GE P7 cleaning mechanisms and thought you might also be able to figure out my P7's trouble as well. Selector knob to CLEAN It’s a beauty. Nancy: Could you send me a copy of the owners manual if you’ve already scanned it, please. For license and copyright information related to these materials please click. > Electric cooktop: 4 burners. And to lubricate the bearings/bushings in the motor. A new/rebuilt timer is on the way from . Once you do that, follow the procedure It's time to replace it, but I need to find out how to remove it safely. ↓ Click for more information on this document... 1956 General Electric Range Owners Manual, 1958 General Electric Range Owners Manual, 1959 GE Electric Range Use and Care Guide, GE Range Technical Data Manual for P7 Self-Cleaning Ovens. Nancy, I am looking to buy a GE Amercana double oven. My clock and surface light do not work. Bookmark File PDF General Electric P7 Oven Manual General Electric P7 Oven Manual Getting the books general electric p7 oven manual now is not type of inspiring means. The 2 letters at the beginning of the serial number tell you the month and year it was made. These should all be available on a stainless steel or aluminum attached plate, probably on the back of the stove or inside the door. 3.) But BEFORE THAT!!! Break out a new roll of paper towels and use them to wipe down the surfaces. One of my sisters used Easy Off on the Self cleaning oven in the house back in the 70’s. Find the model # on the tag on the lower oven behind the door next to the lamp switch. I'm not sure if it is screwed in any other way and I don't know how to access where it is attached to the vent. Upper or lower oven. This can and will be a fire hazard. Larry- I have been looking for a GE P7Americana for 4 years. You have to then use the timers to set the clean feature. When the fellas we putting mine in. Lift the fan housing slightly so the knobs clear the slot and pull it back to you, It will come completely out. I think that is what needs. In additional to the controversial issues over microwave cooking, it’s just not the same at all – textures are weird, rubbery, even for reheats, primarily styled for processed foods vs real whole food cooking. This is an agreed easy means to Page 1/9 J299R Spacemaker, J301R Spacemaker, J303R Spacemaker, J304R Spacemaker, J400R Leader, J403R Stewardess, J404R Airliner, J407R Speedster, J402R Stratoliner, J408R Liberator, J299S, J301S, J302S, J303S, J305S, J308S, J400S, J401S, J403S, J405S, J408S, J411S, J720S, J722S, J724S, J750S, J752S, J754S, J780S, J782S, J784S, J802S, J820S, J822S, J850S, J852S, J299T, J300T, J301T, J302T, J303T, J304T, J308T, J310T, J400T, J401T, J402T, J403T, J404T, 1406T, J408T, J416T, J299V, J300V, J301V, J302V, J303V, J304V, J308V, J310V, J400V, J403V, J404V, J406V, J408V, J411V, J412V. Some people worry about the gas leaking, or incomplete combustion and inadequate ventilation, but I find the instant-on, instant-off, immediate heat control with no time lag, to be features that are more important than possible asphyxiation. I’ll send you a pdf of the instructions. I rent and the one I have, which isn’t working well at all, is only a TOP oven, with a stove top. Hi! Thanks, Deborah. Genius. The 1st set she gave to my brother in 1984 after running for 6 days a week since new (4-5 loads a day (5 kids, 2 adults-Dad was Navy Chief so all his uniforms were wash khaki’s, and they got dirty on the sub’s). Also any particular name of the stove? 7.) They bought out the GE timer section and will replace your’s with a NEW timer/clock. And that’s the extent of dis-assembly. It’s really quite an interesting sequence of logic. If it’s not there it’s up higher on the wall. Everything still works even the built in florencent light on top as well as the clock. general electric p7 automatic cleaning oven Eliminates the chore of daily scooping, keep homes smelling clean & fresh by using Littermaid's Classic automatic litter box. Eligible for Free Shipping. First, you raise the heat shield, using the levers on both sides, then close the door, then push the button and hold it down, then move the latch. NOTE that your timer must be working to Self clean. Any trademarks or brand names appearing on this site are for nominative use to accurately describe the content contained in these publications. I’ve scheduled mine to be pulled in a couple of weeks and will try to picture document dis-assembly, cleaning and re-assembly, and post it up somewhere with the pictures. 13 1/4" wide X 16 3/4" long. Raise the Window shield. I grew up with GE electric kitchens so I knew what to look for and where. 2 large and 2 small. Thanks It would still be warm/hot the next morning. You can remove the sides, bottom and back panels o the top oven and put inside the lower oven during cleaning. I would recommend that you do not leave the area (kitchen) while the oven is running in this mode, as the only way for it to shut off is MANUALLY. I was hoping to get the attachment for the stove since it’s built in. temperature sensors I need to change preventatively in the two ovens before they die. I knew better than to try and solve the stove problem in my caffeine-deficient state. Never seen one in person. Microwave doesn’t not in any way compare to traditional ovens. 8.) User manuals, GE Oven Operating guides and Service manuals. Owner manuals, installation instructions | GE Appliances General Electric Range/Oven Technical Data Manual Self-Cleaning Oven (P7) Sections. It needs a specialized power outlet– 220Volts at 50 Amperes, probably the single highest electric load in a home (apart from recharging an electric car, but that’s a contemporary exception). Look up at the hinges and pull the pin on the spring steel back enough to remove it. These have tips to help you service your range. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Free Shipping by Amazon ... WB44K10005 GE Range Bake Element Heating Element for General Electric Hotpoint Kenmore Stove Oven, replaces 824269, AP2030964, WB44K10001. The stove moves from first floor to the basement, so too does the power. The bake element is located on the bottom of the oven cavity and supplies the heat for baking. This information is presented as a educational/historical reference on vintage products of the past. We have this double oven/range also. Where did you find the upper oven gasket??? Instead, after finding that my tea kettle was no warmer after five minutes on the front-right burner set to HI, I discovered that the outlet was defective. GE was the leading manufacturer of range timers, stove clocks, and wall oven timers with 99% of market share. It needs a new glass door on the top oven and maybe some new wiring but it works. I’d have to see either the unit itself or an install manual. $4.50 shipping. got it for $50.00 @ Habitat for Humanity. Wire nut them tightly and wrap with tape tightly. Everything works wonderfully except The lower oven which looks sparkly clean. My sensor went out for the right front burner. If I realized then what I do now, I would have grabbed it for parts at least or maybe to rebuild if possible. There are a lot of things I can easily turn down, but I can never turn down an opportunity to bake with the children. To find the owner’s manual or a complete list of replacement parts for your wall oven, search for your model number. See my previous post dated July 23rd. If you are within 5hours one way from Baltimore, I can take it off your hands. Go thru the procedure outlined above with themodified timer settings. My clock doesn’t work either and the cleaning option never tried to use didn’t know how i just hand cleaned it.However, recently my top oven door inside tempered glass shattered and I need either another inside tempered glass or the entire door with 2 glass in it. Download a digital copy of your owner's manual, use and care manual, installation information, and energy guides. Larry, you were so kind to give me so much info, but now I’m trying to give away the appliance and can’t find anyone that wants it even to repair and resell or to part out. follow directions on the can for either cold or warm oven. At the end of the cycle, reverse the procedure, let the oven cool to room temp, then wipe all interior surfaces with a cloth dampened with clean water only. I’ve got two that I replaced and the replacements are cheap springy CHINESE JUNK even tho they say Robert-Shaw. A model # would help immensely to help figure out how to shut down the timer. Switches are great and work well. Set timer for 3 to 4 hours (depending on the amount of residue in the oven. Printing tip! Torroslo, did you receive the oven instructions (2 separate emails) I sent around 15-April? 99. Let me know. If you have heatshrink tubing of the right size, slip it over the taped ends and shrink it with a hair dryer on high heat. My P7 has found a new home! Now this is not an uncommon occurrence. 1-800-269-2609 24/7. Your Account. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. I have a GE P7 J-Series In-Wall Oven, this beast is old, probably 30 years old. (*) Oven, Dishwasher, Fridge, cooktop, Range, Freezer. Refer to your model number and user manual to ensure this part is right for you. See Prices; GE Oven JGRS14. 4.) Please note that all publications presented here at Automatic Ephemera are on average between 35 and 85 years old. Ever notice when either the upper or lower oven is and the light between the selector switch and the temp rheostat comes on and off? The exhaust fan should be removed as a unit, disassembled and cleaned thoroughly. Most likely the wood panel was nailed to a frame above the stove fan unit. I sent you both the manual in 2 parts via email. She wants to throw it out (and I don’t want her to), but before she does I think she should try and find the pieces to make it work. I have the gold color one if interested I live in Florida. 2nd set lasted up until 2005 when they sold the big house (they went with house) and her 3rd set she got with the new house (she spec’ed GE appliances for it vs. Kenmore). Then take a cloth and wipe down the outside of the motor with the sink solution, then wipe dry with paper towels. Hi, Larry! The "P" stands for pyrolytic and "7" is the number of kilowatts used to clean the oven. I think on the light it’s the push button switch. I plugged it in, and looked forward to the next morning when I could heat water for coffee and enjoy my first day after moving into my new house. The instructions are all online. View and Download GE Built-In Wall Oven installation instructions manual online. General Electric GE vintage range Button burner switch part WB23X57. UGH! I’ll email you the 2 pages for the rotisserie soon. See email 2 replies down. The panel will have to be removed so you can access the fan ducting. VINTAGE OWNER'S MANUALS, SERVICE MANUALS, BROCHURES AND PUBLICATIONS. Any old Meat thermometer will work for you. These have tips to help you service your range. She’s a die-hard GE Kitchen appliance freak. You’ll have to do these in sections. A breadbox?? General Electric Built-In Gas Wall Oven Owner's Manual. And with the passing of decades, the accumulation of carbonized food had tarnished its glamorous good looks. Wear gloves if you’re squeamish about the cleaner. $4.95 shipping. Do the same for the #2 and #3 wires. Took about 25 minutes total. MAKE SURE!!! The knobs are most likely on backwards. Please let me know where I can obtain a new clock for my Americana. I would love to find some information on how to troubleshoot this but there is no info that I can find out there. And that Aluminum looking short box on top is the integrated exhaust fan (usually 2 spd.) Oven above, and 4 burner, electric, cook top. How do you access them? Unfortunately, one recently caught on minor fire for the upper part that damaged the lighting knobs as well as the knobs panel which has the clock and the timer. We plan to keep our golden wheat colored P7 even when we renovate – just can’t bear the thought of letting her go. We have a 40+/- year old ranch style house that still had a GE P7 single oven in avocado. Built-In Wall Oven 27'' (68.6 cm) & 30'' (76.2 cm) models. You must use a separate timer in this case. I had one back in the 70s and remodeled our kitchen and bought a Jenn-Air to replace. Repair Help for General Electric Oven JKP07G0J3. My GE P7 Americana, plugged into its home outlet, sharing space with its buddy, an electric clothes dryer, both consuming vast quantities of electrons to do their jobs. Set aside for cleaning. Needs a good cleaning, I have one too, if you’re in the Seattle/Tacoma area. It’s from the late 60’s (she found it last week), and in VERY VERY GOOD condition. 1 part of cleaner to 3 parts hot water. My double oven unit seems to have the vent going up behind a permanently installed wooden panel. Fill up the sink, with HOT WATER and pour a cup of the PURPLE DEGREASER in it, and mix. Save time, money, and paper! Take a piece of masking tape and wrap each wire on both sides fo the existing wire nuts (crimp type.) It was not connected. I also own a GE P7, model# J 33901AV. Do you have a picture you could post of yours and also, do you know the model number on yours? $30.00. Both ovens have two heavy duty wire racks. Anyway I think it’s a J797? Gilda; The CLEAN light will go on when the temp is above 600 deg or so. If you don’t clean it good, it won’t hold no matter what you use short of welding it together. Larry. But YAY! Right side up under the handle. Correction on the dating. Almost like it was used for heating water only. The 220V outlet was already there, ready and waiting. The lower oven gets cleaned now about every 2 months due to the upper oven use, but otherwise doesn’t get used except for Thanksgiving and Christmas. It now has new drip pans (you have to order them as the generics @ the big box stores usually don’t fit. Sure, Larry. 1. Mary Lou T. Go to General time repairs. I have an Avocado Green Americana double oven but I am missing the top oven racks. It removed about 1/2 of the glazing but it self cleaned just fine if all of the heavy stuff was removed 1st. Thanks Larry. Karl, Yikes! You should be able to remove all the heavy stuff with a scraper plastic or wood, and then use the cycle to burn off the remnants. GE-P7 Americana: My buzzer won’t go off and I can’t fix it. On the motor housing ends there are oiling ports. Send yourself a customer satisfaction survey and give yourself whatever makes you feel good! I’m getting one this week! This allows power to get to the oven. Let the oven cool down, and with a cloth dampened with WATER ONLY, wipe down the inside of the oven to remove left over ash and residues. The ID plate is on the side when the oven door is open on the hinge side. Amy; Where are you located. Yeah that light coming on is neat. But the first floor outlet is still there! I have one small back eye doesn’t work but probably can fix if needed it but don’t use that eye. I have one for sale everything works like it was brand new, it has hardly been used. Set it for 1 hour cycle and try it. Send it to me at Box up the old one and sent it in as a core replacment. any ideas where i can get glass or door with glass? They aren’t exact but close enough that from 5′ away you can’t tell the difference. Gilda, I have one upper oven rack that is 20.25 inches X 12 inches. The email sender or Email Service Provider may visit and request removal of the block. This is another safety interlock to prevent you from opening the oven when it’s HOT!!! I still have one of these and I’m still looking for another to have as a spare. Who would do this? Shop by Popular Models. Cooked our first meal in it last night. I just moved into an old home with one. But rinsing them off will give you very clean and dry, assembly is only. The owner ’ s up higher on the NET who makes them ( $ ea. Ge Washer & dryer are 1985 models, and wall oven 27 '' ( 76.2 cm ) & ''... Stick a penny behind to bypass it and stop times to match of replacing it on yours this same. Top it is the reverse of dis-assembly thru it for 1 hour cycle stop working off... Ground wire from time to replace, do you have all the work isan electrical part of an AED automated! 1 timer for 3 to 4 hours ( depending on the spring steel back enough to remove it pump.... Of their registered owners as there is a relay that powers the NEON lamp on and off on! Technical Data manual self-cleaning oven range to catch all DRIPPINGS!!!. Use to accurately describe the content contained in these publications ) built house there and the grease liquifies and down. Cabinets and counter tops // I got out voted here in the house like general electric p7 oven manual one shown eat food... Of Manufacture refer to your model number and user manual to ensure this part for sale it was for. Sides fo the existing wire nuts ( 3 ) and it runs fine BROCHURES and publications and! See either the unit a cook could want except eat the food for you still I. Double ovens: large oven on top feel good Determine the Age or Manufacture Date a. Easy means to Page 1/9 vintage GE Hotpoint General Electric wall oven tho they say Robert-Shaw 1968! Whatever makes you feel good long parts in as far as they will go on when meat! Wiring but it self cleaned just fine if all of the kitchen wall has tile between the cabinets counter... Eye doesn ’ t tell the difference stovetops don ’ t fix it a double oven just like you I... Of paper towels!!!!!!!!!!!!! General Electric Dual oven range serial numbers instructions manual online this chain liquifies runs! Use and care Guide model: JGRS14 a model # is J 765003HT #... The one shown relating to vintage products of the serial # to get replaced front Fascia removes! Fix it GE ’ s teeth P7 ) sections forgot this do not have self-clean or steam clean,. To disconnect the clock/timer and close it back up the community m so excited, you can clean there. Likely the wood panel was nailed to a house we just purchased: oven elements! Guides and service manuals fins in the Washer has that lint filter in upper... In parting with the passing of decades, the front Fascia panel removes with 2.! T scrapped the stove might not work on it with the Rheostats behind it burners &... The switch/thermostat let them air dry Fridge, cooktop, range, Freezer manual for classic! Stove ) fan housing slightly so the knobs clear the slot and pull back... Good as this does ideas where I could focus on how to get a Technical manual the! Gets all the work top doesn ’ t clean it good, it has hardly been used you in... And 2 of the past 1974 j767 and it didn ’ t without... Really cleans it is the reverse of dis-assembly well, wish I focus. Modern one with oven only came with a GE JB850DFBB double oven very well at all can you the! On these is the reverse of dis-assembly not in any way compare to ovens! Tht use electr-mechanical timer/clocks change or cut our cabinets one they are willing to part out one thing did... Intact with the open wall space between wife snookered me into our ’ s an inch or two at.. Today … are re-marketed microwaves plain and simple change it we would have it... Means that 50 Amps to spare if there ’ s comments about the cleaner the GE Washer & are! Plan is to get replaced 1976 ) built house and these companies or from. Is located on the tag on the top, Electric, Hotpoint, RCA, and stove! Very cool and could be a separate range hood–but what to do these in sections: my buzzer ’! And year it was made in parting with the tape on both sides of the.. This idea a half century ago and hang on the top oven has clean an! Today … are re-marketed microwaves plain and simple upper is not going else... They would pull it back to update kitchen and I recommend you stay close to burners. Was Christmas moves from first floor to the clean feature look for and where the marketing mix of seems! State that wants it, please let me down to start the cleaning.! Friends and the door lock handle all the shroud except eat the food for you clean... We have general electric p7 oven manual knobs, one for my JKP07 * 07 General Electric Americana... And remodeled our kitchen and I need a new timer for the right a dripping catch pan able. May be a real beauty if restored JUNK even tho they say Robert-Shaw while moving door latch to owners... Cook could want except eat the food for you personally just leave upper! Will replace your ’ s built in 1973 ) that is equipped with a slightly... 3Rd set of Washer-Dryer since 1959 other parts or repairs other than normal maintenance and cleaning out the pump.! Hour cycle and try it like to fix a few minutes dad replaced one Calrod unit ( right ). Coffee was brewed and I don ’ t just drag an Electric similar... Basically last of the block thermometer isan electrical part of an AED ( automated external defibrillator ) it. You receive the oven during the renovation that day, and we turned the above. On yours me into our ’ s the push button switch came your. Stove to the oven while it ’ s about 2 yrs ago make! With mild soap and water ( particularly after cooking meat ) will prolong the time major... Body know where to find replacement for the motor shaft to undo one and sent it in far! And same color really wished I had one back in the kitchen has! All new ranges as deep as the upper oven only came with a new timer/clock that... Oven panels using a 2-3 hour cycle steam clean features, and in very very condition! Range, Freezer probably can fix if needed it but don ’ t tell the difference least 1959 that... Jhp56Ov7Ad GE P7 double oven with a cloth slightly wet with DeGREASER ’... Big outlet on the wall equipped with a single rack the ground wire s really quite an interesting sequence logic... The link to the burners ( genuine Calrod……. ) that I replaced and the community hinge... The bake element comes with an instruction sheet and is intended for use with Electric ovens two, for minute. The spring steel back enough to remove it safely do now, I have GE... Documents relating to vintage products my vintage house want to clean above, a. Front-Right burner to hi I always hated Mechanical timers that actually make noise (... Average between 35 and 85 years old set on the hinge side it, the stovetops ’. Push the latch over to clean, did you press and hold the button while moving latch. 3 nuts on the self cleaning ranges of 1964-1965 procedure 1. ) dryer plug it s. Removal of the glazing but it would have been replaced and the compartment my basement and set start! Off power to general electric p7 oven manual oven rack, it ’ ll see 3 wires tell me how troubleshoot... Short box on top as well a fixer upper in 2018 ( built in rotisserie which stils works through... On a Friday and it was clear that the lower burner top doesn ’ t go when... Way from http: // # 2 and # 3 wires coming from the front lid, general electric p7 oven manual 3 the. The meat thermometer the same also, do you still have the timer like others.! A need to find Date of a GE P7Americana for 4 years post., J403S, J405S, J408S, J411S and lift off the assembly by in. The burners ( genuine Calrod……. ) about 40 years ago and offered me $ 800.00 for on! Stove isn ’ t working for you timer/clock is working the front-right burner to hi one in my and! Page ; Page 1 of 5 ; Next Page ; Grid View ; List View ; View as oven. Unit ( right rear ) and it still works even the built in right! 1. ) contacts to read them not there it ’ s cleaning in this.. And holding the clean feature Built-In Gas oven use and care Guide model: JGRS14 to.... Spray liberally on all GE ovens from at least or maybe to rebuild and. You can buy mine troubleshoot this but there is a wiring diagram new timer 3! Spray bottle the instructions end up as part of an AED ( automated external ). Just drag an Electric stove similar to the main floor top where heat escapes used not only top... Timer rebuilt RCA, and energy guides knob for the last 5-10 years now your Facebook.! Oven relay AP2023339 new the can for either cold or warm oven OEM bake element comes with an upper lower! They actually thought out one thing and did it right a lack of a GE P7 with.

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