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All up, I loved this gentle cleansing lotion – it really does feel so luxurious once you get used to the texture of the lotion! Akhirnya mencoba nivea cleansing oil, aku pilih yg grape seed oil untuk sensitive skin. I was part of the trial team for Nivea Cream Wash and loved it. This should include a face cream for the night and a special eye care product in addition to your face cream for the day. It doesn't strip my skin of oils. If you have more of a combination skin, a wash & scrub is your best choice for daily facial cleansing. This face wash is what you'd expect from Nivea. NIVEA Daily Essentials Gentle Cleansing Cream Wash gently purifies and moisturises for a clean, soft skin feeling. Cleansing products for normal and combination skin You should ideally wash your face twice daily with a face wash gel from NIVEA. Gentle Skin Cleanser 5314 reviews. They’re incredibly thorough in cleansing my skin, and I've also noticed how much brighter my complexion looks. I'd love to try the make up wipes! cuma menurutku minusnya di pump-nya aja agak susah diteken. Suffice to say, the beautyheaven team takes the pursuit of the best face wash very seriously – which means we’re always open to trying a newbie (or three). Ooh that looks lovely! Tekstur dan baunya, kayak minyak? 2. You should ideally wash your face twice daily with a fash wash from NIVEA Men. It really is great. © COPYRIGHT 2020 ARE MEDIA PTY LIMITED ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, We review: NIVEA Creme Care facial cleansers, Become a member for free & start earning rewards today, Deodorant / Antiperspirant / Body spray / Powder, 5 effective ways to remove underarm hair at home, Lancôme Genefique Youth Activating Concentrate Trial Team, Pia Miller announces the launch of her clean beauty range, A microbiologist just confirmed the gross types of bacteria living on our makeup brushes, Why you should be using niacinamide on your skin, This is the best position to sleep in, according to the National Sleep Foundation, Naomi Watts reveals the exact products in her nighttime routine, A 62-year-old model is starring in Biologi’s latest campaign. ini juga no fragrance, jadi bau2 minyak aja gitu, pertama2 kerasa lucu sih kayak cuci muka pake minyak goreng baunya lama2 udah biasa tapi nggak ganggu banget kok :)). It can be applied to the face with either fingertips or a cotton pad, which is also perfect for those days when I'm running late and just need to get super clean, super fast. I've been using them to cleanse my face since my early teens, when I first discovered makeup. Ketahui review produk NIVEA Soothing Cleansing Oil Face & Eyes With Natural Grape Seed Oil jujur dari pengguna hanya di Female Daily. Tapi pas dibilas baru kerasa bersihnya. NIVEA 2 in 1 Cleanser & Toner: Get the multi benefit of a double action cleansing milk and toner to cleanse deeply and tone the skin all in one single product. a good product. Welcome to! Good old Nivea has been around for years! The light foam has a delightfully fresh fragrance, is easy to apply and leaves the skin feeling nourished after rinsing. Baru sekali pake langsung bo parah di pipi 😌 aku pikir krn lg purging krn lg oake retinol. It is amazing for the price range compared to other "teen skincare" … tiap abis pakai ini enak sih berasa bersihnyaa, kalo dibasuh air langsung berubah teksturnya jadi lebih gampang dibilas. Months back, the brand launched its new range of face wash milk delights in 4 different variants for each skin type. Meskipun teksturnya light, tp ini ngebantu banget ngebersihin sunscreen ataupun make up. It's possible to use cotton pads to wipe away the cleanser as well, but I found that when I wore more makeup, it was more effective to use water to remove it fully (and also saves me precious cotton pads!). Tapi ternyata setelah pemakaian seminggu, di dahi muncul banyak jerawat :( nggak tau juga sih kenapa, entah dari formulasinya, atau emang cara pakaiku yang salah, karena selama nyoba, aku nggak tau kalo perlu di-emulsify. “If you were to ask me what my all-time favourite beauty product is, I'd tell you with absolute conviction that it's face wipes. Bisa dipertimbangkan juga sama seri satunya yang biru, tinggal disesuaikan kebutuhan aja. AMAZING for moisturizing, a great cleanser. Emulsify nya pun mudah dan gak meninggalkan rasa berminyak sama sekali. In order to keep up with your requirements, NIVEA has a wide range of products to tackle your face’s uniqueness, whatever the condition or type of skin you have. satu botol aku pake tiap hari habisnya 5 bulan dong. The formula effectively removes impurities and make-up to prevent breakouts which cause dark marks and blemishes. I wanted to start using an anti ageing face cream that also had SPF and this seemed to be a great start as the price point was decent and I could use it with my other skincare products. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. All in all, I would describe this as a gentle, everyday cleanser that does the job, while also caring for my skin.”. ... Start your review of NIVEA Daily Essentials Refreshing Facial Wash Gel! I loved the cream facial cleanser !! Most Viewed Face Wash & Cleanser Products. So of course, I was more than willing to try the NIVEA Creme Care Cleansing Lotion. My skin loves the blend of milk and honey since mine is the dry combination. It cleans just right with out drying out my skin. Eh pas aku atop oake cleansing oil ini bo aku brenti mendingan banget . When conducting your research, you should know there are two types of exfoliants: Physical and chemical. I've got an open bottle of the cream cleanser wash and I think it's very good. I don't rinse it off; I use a warm damp face cloth to remove the cream and any makeup or dirt and find it very effective. Patti L. hemat banget ini. I would recommend this to anyone who loves giving their skin that extra little bit of TLC.”. In all honesty, the NIVEA Creme Care Facial Cleansing Wipes have surpassed my expectations. So that's it . enak dan gampang dibaurin, dan ngga susah juga dibersihin pake air setelahnya. Today I am reviewing one of the leading affordable drugstore skincare brand Nivea. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for NIVEA Gentle Face Cleansing Cream Wash for Dry & Sensitive Skin (150 ml), Sensitive Exfoliating Face Wash, Gentle and Caring Face Wash, Cleanser with Almond Oil at Pas pake sensasinya lebih bersih milk cleanser soalnya di lap pake kapas, keliatan kotorannya keangkat. Was so very gentle on my sensitive skin and as Beth said it didnt leave my skin feeling stripped of moisture. karena nivea cuma ada 2 varian dan yang satunya untuk hydrating, aku nyobain yang ini deh. Tapi katena ga sempet kepake mau aku jual lagi 65k aja masih baruu banget tutupnya masih kekunci, bisa dilihat di carousell @/dikanurul yaa makasiih. How it works: NIVEA Daily Essentials Gentle Cleansing Cream Wash enriched with natural Almond Oil and Hydra IQ; -Gently cleanses and removes daily impurities -Soothes and moisturises the skin due to its mild formula that contains Almond Oil For dry and sensitive skin. You can pick from our range of micellar waters, face washes, wipes, toners and eye makeup removers. The caring formula works to remove daily impurities and excess make-up. Cream Face Wash NIVEA Gentle Cleansing Cream Wash for Dry & Sensitive Skin: rated 4 out of 5 on MakeupAlley. The formula is soap-free and doesn’t foam up upon contact with water. We are committed to the best care for your skin and the NIVEA Naturally Good Milky Cleanser with 99% of natural origin ingredients including Green Tea. Unboxing + Review : Nivea Face Care Make Up Clear Radiant Skin Brush Set Saturday, 8 April 2017 During Lazada 5th Birthday Sale, I was scrolling through the website finding something to buy for myself. Cerave Hydrating Facial Cleanser (30) Nivea. I do no… botolnya praktis karena pake pump, satu pump bisa buat semuka di aku karena sehari2 cuma buat bersihin residu sunscreen, debu, loose powder, sama pensil alis. Today I am reviewing the new cream cleanser from Nivea. NIVEA Daily Essentials All in 1 Cleanser is a cleanser that deeply washes off skin impurities with its mild formula. Skin feels great. Contents. Untuk wangi sendiri dia ada wangi biji2an kering yg terkesan seperti bau gitu, di awal2 sampe kaget kok "baunya" begini? Always choose products from the same skin care range. With one swipe, I can remove all the grime from the day off my face, and what's left is clean, clearer, softer skin. There is still something left to be desired in terms of moisturizing since I really don't want to have a cleanser AND a lotion. Which cleanser do you most like the sound of? Yes, I want my skin to be moisturiser-ready, but not to the extent that it’s crying out for hydration. NIVEA Naturally Good offers 100% transparency on all the ingredients contained in its products. I was lucky enough to be on the trial team for the Creme Care Cleansing Cream Wash and I loved it. I'm currently using Wotnot facial wipes, but i wouldnt mind trying out the Nivea Creme care facial wipes.

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