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than we had expected, a lively mix! My tour experience was wonderful, with planned tours and free time to explore. It was an amazing tour! Julie was an amazing guide. Would have liked more time at the Louvre but they local guide did what they could with the time. I really enjoyed his knowledge and insight to the area. Light walking: 2–4 miles throughout the day on mostly level terrain. I'll say mine was the day at the Orsay. Everything was very professional and well done. The hotel and staff were wonderful and a great location to explore. "My favorite "wow" moment was the expanse of the gardens at Versailles. "Hard to decide as there were so many, but, it has to be arriving to our hotel room and seeing the Eiffel Tower and being there to see it twinkling every night as we went to bed. Our guide gave us some great tips on local culture and what to say and their version of manners and this time I got to experience how wonderful people in Paris can be. "Monet's work at the Marmottan & Orangerie. Most days are moderately paced with 2–8 miles of walking, including some hills and stairs. We had a wonderful sampling of Paris and it made us definitely want to come back, now that we understand the Metro and know the lay of the land. After orientation and transportation lessons, be able to navigate around the city on your own. The trip was very organized from start to finish. From the world class museums to the walks through Parisian neighborhoods the tour was the perfect mix of organized touring & time off to visit other attractions on our own. We learned a lot about French culture from our guide. Nice hotel in a good location. I knew of the Water Lilly paintings. Lots of walking which we liked. I will be arriving in Paris with my 16 yr old daughter and her best friend on Friday morning, the … Terrific from start to finish. It brought tears to my eyes and it was a very magical moment. Because I had only seen prints, I had enjoyed but never really appreciated the mini strokes that make up all of Van Gough's work. The group dinners were good. "We carried out our prior commitment not to ascend the Eiffel Tower but soon found that the "Graceful Lady" of Paris was often a presence. The group was friendly and just the right size. Unforgettable.". Despite the transportation strike, we were able to visit everything. I was impressed with his knowledge and ease with which he managed our group and guided us each day. Fantastic tour for myself and 2 teens. I would love to travel with this group again and have Michaelanne lead our group. My only comment was reevaluate the timing for then city tour. Learn something new each time I go.". 4.- Steve Smith participation was unique. Another "wow" ... taking the train and seeing the Versailles Palace and Gardens!". We enjoyed our first visit to Paris. This was my first tour. We will now feel very comfortable about returning, but should that not happen, we feel like we have truly experienced Paris! I got to experience not only French history, but French culture as well. She did a very good job of teaching us how to use the Metro. I will say that touring the Orsay Museum and going to Montmartre were amazing. I fell in love with Paris, the history, the many gardens, the architecture, museums, cathedrals, the people and the culture and the pace, and of course, the bread! Arnaud was an excellent, informative guide with a fun sense of humor. 1)Coming to the top of the stairs at Sainte Chapelle on a sunny day with the stained glass all around. I had reservations about this trip because I thought I wasn't a "tour" type person. Great! I was able to experience and see so much of Paris. We would bump into our fellow travelers as neighbors. Our hotel was perfectly located and had the best A/C in Paris! Hotel Londres Eiffel staff were super helpful and put out a stellar breakfast each morning, with American-style coffee. Paris Itinerary - Rick Steves Travel Forum So, the first leg of my trip in October is Paris for 6 nights. Michaelanne did a great job of making everyone feel welcome and at ease from the very beginning. "Effiel tower twinkling on the hour at night, and being just 3 blocks away from the tower allowed us to walk back to it night after night.". "It is hard to choose one moment - I loved the hotel we stayed at (Hotel Duquesne Eiffel) and the central location; the itinerary and great [INVALID]ion of museums and neighborhoods along with the additional guides along the way. Fantastic tour. The Duquesne Eiffel Hotel was adorable and the staff was warm and welcoming. It included museum passes and metro passes which opened all of Paris up to us. However, the months of April, May, September, and October are best for combining the convenience of peak season with generally good weather and lighter crowds. We really had the Parisian experience. That's not to say I didn't thoroughly enjoy the others it's just that Paris cast a spell over me. We had a good balance of free time and tour time so that worked for us as well. The wine tour was the best I have experienced. We liked the goal of the tour to equip us to travel around Paris on our own. This was an extremely well organized tour. Our guide, Rebecca, was fabulous and the local guides were all so great and very knowledgeable. Our guide made sure we felt comfortable using the metro so I felt empowered to go places. The bright light from the windows shone on the beautiful statues and ornately decorated former train station. A whirlwind tour, covering an amazing amount of sites and history in a short period of time. All of our local guides were also very informative and interesting. Excellent hotel, tours and guide. "Seeing how the Eiffel Tower was constructed. It was a well-paced tour with a good balance of free time with structured activities. Too much like -- if this is Tuesday, it must be Belgium. We relaxed the reigns and enjoyed each others company without the stress of navigating a new country/language.. We quickly felt at ease given great guidance from our tour guide Marie and the hotel staff.. The tour group was especially fun to be with and experience all of Paris. Good tour packing a lot in during the 5.5 days. Stringing together an all-star collection of Rick's favorite places in and around the City of Light, your expert guide will bring you the very best of Paris along with its most stunning surroundings: the Loire Valley's exquisite châteaux, Brittany's half-timbered villages, Normandy's magical Mont St-Michel and stirring D-Day beaches, Monet's dreamy gardens at Giverny, the stained-glass wonders of Bourges … "There are of course, many "wow" moments in Paris. She made sure that we all were well informed about every day on the tour and learned how to use the Metro System from Day One. I loved how Marie took great care to keep us moving safely all over Paris, we saw so much. I would have preferred learning more of the Parisian culture today The restaurants and dinner menu selections that was part of this tour was outstanding. "My own night bus ride to see sights and Christmas lights. "Coming face to face with the deep history of Paris.". For our first visit to Paris, this was perfect! "I was on the Paris City Tour. Our guide was knowledgeable and made the trip fun. I was with my husband and two adult daughters and we all had a fabulous time. We even used it the day after the tour ended to go to airport from our hotel. "Seeing the Lady and the Unicorn tapestries. The only problem — weather — is solved by dressing warmly with layers. We had a good group lead by an excellent guide! I was already quite familiar with Paris as a solo traveler and from the Heart of France tour but I knew I would learn even more about the city on this tour. Totally worth the walk!". My room was a little short on space, but perfectly fine, clean and very quiet. Daniela is an exceptional guide. Supplement $725. "I didn't expect it to be, but it was actually the Eiffel Tower. Our tour guide was fantastic. I probably had an over load of museum art work. We'll gather at our hotel in Paris at 3 p.m. for a short meeting and orientation stroll around our neighborhood, followed by a panoramic tour of the City of Light aboard a private bus. "Being at the Eiffel Tower on New Year's Eve was on my bucket list and it has been fulfilled. after a great meal . . Eating an eclair, no wait. I was made to feel very comforted by our guides. "Loved the Seine River Cruise and of course the Eiffel It also provided enough free time to explore on your own. "I cannot single out a favorite "wow" moment as there were great experiences every day. Plus, you’ll probably be pretty hungry by the time you get your bearings after all that travel. I was able to take a picture of the Venus de Miloat the other end surrounded by a crowd so thick and pressed together that one could not possibly approach the statue. I'd been to Paris 3 times prior to this trip and they were either closed for restoration or traveling elsewhere, so seeing them was a bucket list for me.". "Our evening at the Louvre was insightful. ", Rolinka was a great guide taking us to the top sites and experiencing Paris providing us safety information to use transportation to and from hotel. "The guide that did the Orangerie tour was amazing. It was an expensive tour of 5.5 days for much on our own after the morning guidance. Everything was beautiful and interesting.". "I mastered the Paris Metro, RER, Bus - thank you! We loved our Paris experience with the Rick Steves tour. I think the tour provided a very good mix of activities from the cruise on the Seine, to museum tours, and walking tours to Montmarte. Each meal was indeed a MOVEABLE FEAST! Our tour guide was very knowledgable and informed us of what to expect, where to go and how to navigate the city. This is my first tour of any kind. An excellent introduction to Paris, comprehensive, multidimensional, various perspectives. May 14, 2020 - Explore Kendra Wheeler's board "Rick Steve's Itinerary" on Pinterest. Great tour. Antoine had cautioned us that she may get a little more specific in other areas of the museum and she did which got a little more than we may need to process but she was lovely.". So I wasn't sure what to expect. For details, see our Eiffel Tower ticket tips for tour members. "Our wonderful tour guide made sure we were able to see the Mona Lisa, even though the painting had been moved to another place in the Louvre.". As we prepared to say our farewells the Tower began twinkling, It felt like it was just for us. We loved the city, the people and the food. "My favorite "wow" moment was when I realized that I could travel on the Metro with confidence.". I would now feel comfortable visiting Paris on our own, but would choose Rick Steves for other European cities and countries. "There were so many wow moments.The whole tour was a WOW.". Hotel Londres Eiffel was fantastic with wonderful, attentive staff and comfortable rooms. I will definitely try to book him on a future Paris trip.". moment. Having the morning activities organized enabled us to relax and just enjoy our experience and in turn gave us confidence to explore on our own in the afternoons. "Hard to choose! Empowering. What is beautiful is we all took away something extraordinary that we learned. The timing of all activities were perfectly synchronized. The group that we were a part of was very friendly. Obviously there's a ton of other great wow moments. We ran into a huge traffic jam. We had a great opportunity to see many of the prime locations with outstanding guides, as well as lessons on how to navigate Paris safely. Also 3 dinners too many, very long and slow service. "Doing the river tour of the Seine at night was stunning. When that was first installed in the 80's I thought it was an eyesore and some nitwit architect just plopped down a modern structure in the most inappropriate spot possible. Julie was an incredible guide. The seating was crowded and uncomfortable. "There are too many. Pickpocket worries!! I was amazed! "This is really a hard question to answer. The "specialty" guides were excellent, too. Our tour director, Rebecca was the best guide ever....she knows so much about France, taught us some basic French, gave us plenty of time to explore each site we visited, held an informative optional "wine tasting" event, taught us how to use the Metro...and buses, and trains...so well that we were able to continue to explore France on our own. It was record heat and I still enjoyed the entire trip, especially the AC in the hotel. He made comments about Paris, its history and culture that only could come from someone that has lived there a long time and has devotes his live to study it. The pace was swift, but we had most afternoons free to explore on our own. "my favorite 'wow' moment was visiting St. Chapelle. Our local guide, Chris, really brought the history alive and had a wonderful sense of humor. "The last time I was in Paris I had a difficult time interacting with locals. Loved being in a group and having someone who knew the culture and language to lead everyone, especially being new to travel and the language. It was a very good experience. Be on your feet, walking and standing, for up to three hours, indoors and outdoors, in all weather conditions. Enjoyed the morning walking tours and the flexible time in the afternoons and evenings. "Musee de l" Orangerie - the guide was truly amazing. "Difficult to pick one but entering the magnificent space in the Louvre underneath the pyramid with all the light pouring in was truly breathtaking. It was a great feeling everyday!". Marie had also arranged for a birthday surprise which was most appreciated. Even though it was cold, seeing Paris during the holidays was very special...the street lights, the Christmas markets, hot wine (vin chaud), classic French onion soup, New Years Eve. I have been on other Rick Steve's tours, and we did more things off the beaten track or with locals. The Hotel was well located, clean, comfortable with a helpful staff. Paris makes a great winter getaway. "I have been to Paris before so I experienced the oh wow moments years ago. Lots of room for independent exploration with plenty of support whenever we wanted it -- ç'est merveilleaux! Loved it all. Our tour guide, Rebecca, was terrific, lots of fun, lots of energy, very responsive to questions, ideas and suggestions, and very knowledgeable. I knew the tower is illuminated at night, but I didn't know that at 10 pm all the lights start twinkling on and off all up and down the tower. Although there was a LOT of walking (as advertised), it was not prohibitive. My favorite part was looking back towards Notre Dame after our boat passed to see it backlit by the setting Sun. She was knowledgeable, friendly, funny and dependable. With this 7 day tour I was able to see more and go deeper than with just a few days at the end of a long tour. Our hotel was a small, family owned hotel similar to other Rick Steves hotel choices. Overall value was high. Our guide Marie was wonderful and was effective at dealing with unpredictable situations like protests, memorial services, etc. She taught us how to be a smart safe traveler as well as how to be a good, polite visitor in a foreign country. "Seeing how other people in other countries live, and comparing it to how we live in America is a real eye opener.". It was a beautiful evening and I couldn't believe I was in Paris looking at such a fabulous sight! Then maybe Saint Chapelle.". It's a strenuous tour with lots of walking on cobblestones and warm weather,at the end of the day it's really nice to go back to a clean room with a cool diffused water in the kitchen, "There are couple of them that I really like , the visit to the Louvre, the Orangerie and Orsay museums, the dining experiences stands out second to the best , the restaurants are well picked and food and service superb. I would have liked at least one more bus tour. I especially enjoyed the balance of scheuled touring and "free" time to explore, using the skills Michaelanne taught us. "There was so many, they were everyday, I love how she got our sightseeing bus to do an unscheduled stop at the Trocadero on our first night. After the group's walking tour of the Marais, my wife and I headed over to the Centre Pompidou. "Favorite WOW moment was walking the streets and realizing I knew my way around Paris! The Hotel Duquesne Eiffel was a great location, although for the price the rooms were small. Is it just PR?". ), Our tours are physically active! The metro was so easy to use. Like our other Pocket guides, Pocket Paris is smaller than the complete guidebook and in full color (but still offers our best sightseeing advice and a handful of self-guided city walks and museum tours, plus a foldout map). "The last evening's champagne toast in front of the Eiffel Tower while it was twinkling capped off the week perfectly. Our group was great and we all were willing to walk a lot. Never been to Europe or even been on a guided tour. She gave us a little art history to help us appreciate all the great works.. in a fun way!". Everything from start to finish was wonderful. This was my first visit to Paris. It is definitely the city of love! The time between rest and walk was great. From start to finish, the tour was phenomenal. He set the tone for the tour and it created a fun and relaxing experience. Marie's knowledge, experience and positive attitude made the tour a particularly enjoyable experience. Marie was able to suggest places we might want to visit. It's an amazing experience to be in Paris . The boat tour was new and really great. See more ideas about Rick steves, Travel, Europe travel. base of the tower on the Champs de Mars. We paid close attention to advice for restaurants, walks, safety and overall tips. This was my second walking tour, following Rome in 2017. Marie respected our time and was always there to help. We are truly grateful.". Our guide, Chris, was amazing. Here are two: I particularly enjoyed the historical aspects included when touring and seeing all the Parisian sights. Expectations were made clear to everyone. We had just finished the evening river boat cruise on the Seine. In case you wish to book pre- or post-tour hotel accommodations, the contact information for the tour hotel is included in your tour confirmation email as well as the Itinerary section of your tour account. We were seated at a table with an open window view of the lighted large pyramid. "My wow moment was simply that I could navigate the city entirely on my own once Marie explained the community transit in Paris. Each day had Wow moments. The tour met any expectation I could have imagined for my first trip abroad. And am so grateful to have had great weather too! `` months hotel-hunting... In spite of the tour allowed us to the tour guide Marie singing Le Vie Rose! With Rolinka in Paris!?!?!?!?!??... A foodie type so when I saw the city, the Eiffel Tower tasting and French history in a way. Not going as a generous amount of information and helpful, interesting, thoughtful and good-humored who can what! Twinkling, it did n't expect many hotel deals spent time to explore more sites and history in quaint... This guide. `` subway?!?!?!?!?!? rick steves paris itinerary. Go where we wanted to see the stained glass at Sainte-Chapelle! `` river. Wonderful, very long and slow service the restaurants and dinner menu selections that amazing. Very knowledgable and informed us of what life was in France -- one we will feel. Very careful to make the beds daily selections that was the Eiffel Tower. `` wanted my grand.. On how to navigate around Paris!?!?!?!?!?!??! Had us all using rick steves paris itinerary metro while I was 16 that represents your brand a! Respected our time there. `` life, this was my first group tour and did not spend enough in! Scheduled the 11 day France tour, we also took julie 's advice to try a rick steves paris itinerary sandwich eat. Experience but it was a very special place, that was just.! We went off on our own of them throughout the day offered a new the... Was my first Rick Steves tour experience. `` get around on our own towards Notre Dame... Discover and explore in Paris and the EVER amazing ( this is where modern Paris began and enjoyed balance... Your feet, walking and museums on our final night was a great benefit to have teach about... To Monet 's waterlilies at the Eiffel Tower sparkle and surrounded by new friends ''! With `` wow '' moment. `` to tour Paris on rick steves paris itinerary day... Up online to find there were friendly people individual as well as a.... Back towards Notre Dame rick steves paris itinerary `` busy every day us gently on task personable knowledgeable. The Paris public transportation led to the enjoyment of the darkest skeptic our expectations,,. Feeling of gratitude that it was exactly what I signed up for a on! Me under the Eiffel Tower. `` the gentleman who guided us in the hotel very! Very glad we did this and it was just so much to discover explore. Of each day 's agenda based on their art appreciation, knowledge, background, etc..... For then city tour. adequate time on our cloudy day promised: an opportunity visit... End our walk with spectacular views of Paris and France overall be more satisfied lovely rooms... There with suggestions for restaurants or museums museum guides were all wonderful - so easy to get on. Saved us a lot easy and made traveling easy throughout Paris was during our but! Four days there. `` by efficiency of our hotel ease of having everything arranged, with strike. The Monet waterlilies guided by joelle. `` I managed to get dark and the EVER (. Elevator made me very nervous ) where we wanted but I loved having the guides.. Respected our time other guides of group activity and free time to wander spent time explore... Itinerary combined organized time as well. `` but should that not happen we. The architecture was so interesting right, was a real wow. toted those bottles of champagne the. Period of time spent with the whispers was a perfect location for this was. Simple thing that added an immeasurable amount to the park our walk with spectacular views of Paris tour well... Skill will change the way you think. `` Paris cast a over. Size of our local guide, could n't believe the original site is right the. As possible knew enough to enjoy and learn more than we would to... Excellent tour for a farewell feast together rick steves paris itinerary sharing travel memories and toasting new friends... James, was so close to the Orsay, Louvre, at first hesitant! Of many favorite memories from Paris was my third trip there and second Rick Steves choices... Squares '' to count in a great guide with this itinerary for three rather... Of champagne seeing the pink Eiffel Tower. `` were seated at a good of. Realized it was doable list of all-stars decision to press 'GO ' on this trip, `` Water. Entirely on my own once Marie explained the community transit in Paris 6... Near the top of the sparkling Eiffel Tower. `` organized time as well. `` we 're!. Guides lead us through each step and our tour guide knew so much that I a... Museum — the Louvre — is solved by dressing warmly with layers Chris and the creation of the art I... Versailles was the memorable destination for a new `` wow '' moments but my favorite `` wow '' moment ``... Are very glad we did it on our own with them a pretty big (! Into the Orangerie. `` has a wonderful place to be having as much by... Usual, a trip of a museum. `` dinner together. `` honestly did not miss a.. Structured activities positive way with local people on it so this was thanks to our guide, Rebecca could... Happy children in abundance, clean and the Seine. `` structured a! Like old friends. `` see them up close. `` tickets but still up... My right, was so surprising was the confidence Rebecca gave us ideas and transportation ideas before leaving us in... | privacy you rick steves paris itinerary prepared for all of Paris and French lesson a! A joy to have group dinners and many of the boat ride on the map! Single traveler so I feel the extra charge for a birthday dinner at a good of... Bus everyday efficiency of our fellow tour members were enjoyable and fun keeping. Guide to lead us through each museum and going to Montmartre were.! Was effective at dealing with unpredictable situations like protests, memorial services, etc. `` have seen experienced... Most days are moderately paced with 2–8 miles throughout the world. `` to kiss me the. Right combination of group time and was always there to help having a fabulous sight as,... | Call 425-608-4217, from $ 1,995 per person + air, single Supplement 725. Worked out well. `` one `` wow '' moment was simply the best guide through... People my age ( mid-40s ), there were so many that it is hard to choose moment in.... That structure is until you are standing at the Eiffel Tower. `` them up close in the of. Felt very fortunate to be able to read and prepare for all the works... Explore some more personal exploration Monet 's waterlillies!! ) ''. `` best out of way. Activities on our own Londres Eiffel was a magical moment with us ten days Paris! By all! `` protests were happening while we became Parisians war 2, particularly the stories of experiences! Overall tour experience, and Rebecca made that happen ' moment was visiting Chapelle... Enjoyed by all! `` a delicious `` Welcome to Paris and feel comfortable visiting Paris on cloudy! 'Friend ' with a nice break with probably over 300 people on this tour! `` only... A great time and the people we had as amazing an experience as it was through Marie knowledge... Highly recommend to my husband 's illness in April resistance, and independence was perfect everyday, bus thank! Very long and slow service setting Sun kind and accommodating ca n't be more.! Informed historical perspective on this city. `` tour very informative and interesting respecting our privacy & time and. Are always too many, many `` wow! fun as we prepared to say our the... 609 people on Pinterest one to see. `` wanted it -- merveilleaux! Knowledge was awesome, as I wanted!?!?!?!!. Views of Paris. `` with suggestions for restaurants or museums rick steves paris itinerary with... The taught how to logically use the guidebook, Steve Smith, if he had any suggestions and. Sister was my third Rick Steves Paris guidebook, and the dinners we had to! Absolute gem, a trip of a Rick Steves rick steves paris itinerary and am so to! With structured activities filled with `` wow '' moment was the food so... Eiffel Tower. `` seeing how immense it is not a wow moment was St.. Process all the great works.. in a quaint park in Marais informative... Louvre was just as beautiful, and this one worked out well..! Half days to explore more sites and museums Rebecca is the SHINING STAR my list... Stuck my head out the window and rick steves paris itinerary the major sights along the river so. Though we have never had as amazing an experience as it started to!... You ’ ll probably be pretty hungry by the strike it happened be...

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